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Flowers Live wallpaper HD

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Flowers Live wallpaperBeautiful spring day on the screen of your phone or tablet.______________________________________Be sure to install this beautiful "KM Plasticine Spring flowers Live wallpaper" on your phone or tablet. For Android 4.X or higher;Free version: wallpaper features:Time of the day: ★ Day mode★ Night mode★ Real-time mode★ Night mode with a magnificent starry sky made of plasticine. In night mode moths appear to circle artificial lights. Moths fly to the place where you touch the screen.
Flowers:★ You can touch all flowers and grass.★ Beautiful flowers. ★ Roses, Tulips and etc.
Insects:★ Different kinds of insects:★ a Bee, ★ Butterflies, ★ Dragonfly, ★ Ladybird (Ladybug), ★ Caterpillar.
Promo video (tablets): video (smartphones): FREE VERSION ON: THIS APP ON:Facebook: Plus: US: US: US: US: http://kolesov-mikhaylov.com______________________________________LICENSE AGREEMENT